Sunday, December 12, 2010

Things have been busy, busy, busy around here. We finally got the tree up last week. Letting a two year old help wasn't the magical experience I hoped it would be. After the tree trimming I have decided to add patience to my Christmas list this year.

The day before we put the tree up, I bravely took both boys to the mall and to a few other stores. They both were wonderful. Adam LOVED running & climbing in the play area at the mall and was especially excited about the stroller I rented for the day. It is a car for kids to "drive" in the front with a basket in the back. It was great for me, too. I could buy things and he couldn't even see! At the Disney store, I got him some Winnie the Pooh figures. He turned around as we left and could only see the bag with Mickey Mouse on it. He squealed, "Oh, sank you! Sank you! Sank you!" I just gave him the bag to look at, and he was thrilled (still has no idea about the gift!).

All day long, at any mention of Santa, Adam would say, "But I not sit in his wap." He does NOT want to get close to Santa. When people ask him about the party we went to where Santa brought him a gift, he always tells them that his mommy went to go get his present from Santa for him.

At Garden Ridge, they had these big inflatable yard decorations. When he saw one that had Mickey Mouse with a Santa hat, he thought for a minute and said, "Maybe I sit on Mickey's wap?"

He is starting to have an opinion on what clothes he wears.

We went back to watching no TV last week, and he hardly even asked about it. He was great b/c he was getting more attention from me, and I was able to get just as much done during the day. Plus, I got him involved and had him help with cleaning and some other jobs. No time to get on my "TV is bad for kids" soapbox, but I am glad we are not watching it anymore. I never even turned it on for him until he was almost two, but I have slowly gotten lazy about it and let him watch more than I ever thought I would. Bye-bye cartoons, hello Play-Doh & hide-n-seek!

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