Thursday, December 2, 2010

Meet the newest member of our family... When Adam pronounces "Winnie the Pooh," it sounds like "We need ta poo." This stuffed animal has been in Adam's room awhile. He just recently became interested in it after reading some books and watching a video in which Pooh was the star. A little known fact about my hubby: He is very good at those "claw" games you see in restaurants. He won this Pooh while I was pregnant with Adam, so that makes Adam's love for this stuffed animal extra special.Adam uses a Q-tip to clean Poo's ears, blows his nose with a Kleenex, and as you can see, shares breakfast with him, too.
I've been gone for a 2 day inservice. My reunion with the boys filled my heart with joy. After a big hug and kiss, my eloquent little two-year old asked me, "How was your trip, Mommy?" We went to the library after I picked them up from their grandparents. While unbuckling his seatbelt, I wiped a little dirt near Adam's nose with my thumb, then used the same hand to pull a piece of hair out of my mouth. Adam said, "You eat it?" I asked him what he was talking about, and he said, "My booger? You eat it?"

It got quiet while I was cooking dinner, and when I went to check on the boys, I found Adam "reading" to himself. I am glad he managed b/c since he had been at his grandparents for a few days, each time he picked up a book, he'd say, "I need my glasses." He is too much!

I've complained about it on facebook within the past week, yet am getting it out of my system again after another incident. I can't decide if I need a thicker skin or if others need to change, but once again today two people who know all about Levi were insulting one another by calling each other "retards." I didn't think I could say anything to them without crying or being really mean about it. Instead I asked someone else to mention it after I left...I still cried when I got in the car. It burns deep to think that my little boy's struggles are what others see as stupidity and that a word that legitimately describes him is used as an insult.


Leah said...

Great pictures, April! :) I love when they find a special animal to connect with. If Adam is anything like Eli, he may still be taking care of Pooh (or many stuffed animals at the same time) when he is almost 6! Eli has anywhere from 1-6 that he drags around the house everywhere with him! Emma recently decided that she LOVES Barney (we watched one video) and she found Eli's stuffed one. He goes everywhere, too!

I'm sorry that people continue to hurt your feelings regarding Levi. I'm sure it's more of habit than anything, though that doesn't make it right.

Glad you had a good trip and reunion with the boys. Adam is such a hoot! ;)

C-Tay said...

First, may I apologize for using that term as it really does tend to slip out, but is used in a derogatory way. I think part of our issue as a society is we've become desensitized to it and it's such a part of our vocab without it being meant in that hateful way. Never would I call anyone like your son, or anyone else with a disability or birth defect a retard in hate. I do try to catch myself though before I let it slip out. I will try that much harder since you're my family and I know that it's a sensitive term for you. I love you and would never intentionally hurt you, especially with just one little word. I love your family so much, even if I haven't met mr. Levi just yet, I feel like I know him so well!

Christie Brown said...

People have used that term for so long. It will take good people like you to educate them about what it means and how hurtful it is. I cringe when I hear it! I myself used it in my younger days until I realized what I was saying and how stupid it is to use it. Especially since I used to work in that field. I have got one of my daughters to stop using it. I will make the younger one read this post and maybe she will stop too! It will take time and education but have faith that one day, we will never hear that term!