Sunday, November 7, 2010

Last Thursday, we went to Check E. Cheese's. When we entered, the guy that stamped our hands asked if we were there to celebrate anything special. I said, "Thursday night!" Just look how excited Adam was as we sat down and he took it all in...
Daddy looks a little excited, too. Doesn't he?
Levi was also wide-eyed with wonder.

I was happily surprised to see some toddler-sized games that Adam could play on his own, and I loved seeing his little hands put the tokens in and pull out tickets.

Of course playing games with Daddy was even more fun.

The Mario cart game takes your picture and makes it the icon on the screen to show you where you are in the race. Adam makes a cute Mario. Hu?

He was leery of some of the games and got very tense when he saw Chuck E. Cheese walking around. I happened to be carrying up to the soda fountain to refill my drink when he did his rounds. We walked the long way around, and I could feel him relax when I told him he was safe with me and that we wouldn't go by Chuck E. Cheese if he didn't want to. He still decided to ride the toy car with a Chuck E. Cheese in the passenger seat. I am glad I brought my camera or the only picture from the evening would have been this one (from the ride), which he ironically wants to hold all the time while saying, "We do dat adain? Dat be fun."

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Leah said...

Fun times!!! We have SO many wonderful memories from Chuck E. Cheese's in several states! :) They also have a "Sketch Booth" that will take a photo and then sketch it for you! We LOVE it! :)