Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Today Levi had an appt. with an audiologist. It is just one of those things he needs checked out during his first 6 months. Downs syndrome also comes along with a higher likelihood of hearing problems. I just read online that 60-80% of children with DS have hearing deficits. They also have smaller Eustachian tubes and ear canals, which can result in more ear infections, which can lead to hearing loss.

First we went into a small room with the doctor on the other side of a window. She made different noises that came from speakers on the left or right sides of the room. She watched how he reacted to each sound. Then came the ABR test (auditory brain stem response). They attached electrodes behind each ear lobe and on his forehead, put earbud-type headphone in his ears, and then he nursed til he fell asleep. Once he was asleep, the doctor played sounds in the headphones and was able to monitor how his brain reacted to each sound. It was so interesting. She was even able to tell me when he was fully asleep because of his brainwaves.

As you can see, he was as happy as could be and did just fine, but I thought he'd never fall asleep. You know that they say a watched pot never boils! He ate like a bottomless pit! She would leave the room and come back every few minutes, and I'd have to say, "Still eating!" I told her it was too bad she wasn't waiting for ME to fall asleep. She wouldn't have had to wait at ALL on that!

She said that his ear canals and tubes looked larger than what she normally sees in children with DS and very happily told me that he has normal hearing in both ears. There are two different types of hearing loss. One he'd have already if he were going to have it. The other is the kind that comes from multiple ear infections, which is still a possibility. We have to go back when he is a year old to get another check up.

On the way home, she left a message to say that there was one thing she noticed when "crunching the numbers." He may have a little fluid in his ear, but she said his hearing was so good it isn't anything to be concerned about. There is a test that can tell how long it takes sound to get to the brain and it was a little delayed. She was careful to explain that it didn't mean his hearing was delayed. It just means there's some fluid in the inner ear. Anyway, I didn't catch her when I called back and may call the doctor tomorrow to check on that. He seems fine, but I sure hope that fluid doesn't lead to an ear infection.

I haven't posted in a while b/c Levi was a little under the weather this weekend, and I have been worn-out. No deep thoughts about anything lately, which I suppose is a good thing.

Here are some pics I took before church tonight...(the last one is my favorite)


Leah said...

Great news and great pictures of two of the cutest boys I know! Love the matching clothes! :) I especially like the close-up one of Levi at the doctors office, too!

michelle said...

Levi is so beautiful. Ava's ear canals are not small, either, and she has never had an ear infection! Hoping the same for Levi.: )

Kristy said...

Levi is such a handsome little man. I can't wait for Thanksgiving for all of the little ones to be together and for us to spend time together. So glad that the hearing test had a positive outcome!