Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We also got to visit friends in Rosenberg on our trip to TX. I am disappointed that I didn't get more pictures, but it was great.

Janie worked so hard to catch up with us and hold this baby!
Our special friends, John & Bobbie

Adam & his girl, Remi. (and yes, we are okay with arranged marriages!)

I really wish I had more photos of people we love as they loved on our boys.

Adam felt right at home at Troy & Amy's house. (Since we've been home, he keeps asking, "Where's Addy?") My favorite part of our visit was a late night conversation after church Sunday night. Troy pointed out how the big concern with raising special needs kids seems to be helping them become "productive members of society." He went on to say that Levi was passed from one person to another all around that church building & he brought joy to so many faces. Troy thought that making people happy is a pretty productive thing to do in our society, and I'd have to agree.


Leah said...

Very nice photos! :) Darling couple... ;)

Wool Winder said...

Wish I could have been there to see you guys. Come back soon.