Thursday, October 28, 2010

An early Happy Halloween to everyone! Enjoy the rest of your week, and have a great weekend! We are going to be busy, busy, busy the next few days!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It looks like daddy now has a partner for watching baseball games. I set Levi down for some tummy time, and after he rolled himself over, he scooted and squirmed until he nestled himself into this position...

Then he laid there with his hands on his belly. He started out in the MIDDLE of that blanket, facing a completely different direction!

I found Adam's toy saw in the silverware drawer tonight and stopped myself from putting it away. I know it won't be long when all the toys are gone and he isn't filling the kitchen with giggles anymore. Leaving the toy amidst his silverware is my little way of hanging on while I can.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Levi spent some time with his Grams and Grandpa this week, so Adam and I had some "just you and me" time. I took him to "Monkey Joes" to jump and play. It was a great place, and at 10am on a weekday, we pretty much had the place to ourselves. It was only $5.30 for him to play as long as he wanted!

This place was enormous! There were 3 bouncers for toddlers and 4 that were much bigger.

Can you find him in this picture?

There was even a special area for dads!

My favorite part of the day was him spinning in circles here, saying, "This is fun!"
He was head-butting this thing over and over again and cracking up!

May I have a sucker, Mommy?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The shoe has already dropped :(

The speech therapist came today. After I answered a list of questions, she told me Levi is delayed. She is going to come twice a month to teach us what to be working on with him. I knew he was delayed. That is why I called for a consultation, but somehow it cuts so deep hearing someone else say it and put it on paper. *Sigh*

Then the questions flood in: Have I been talking to him enough? Do I do as much with him as I did with Adam? Is this just part of having Down syndrome, or is there something I didn't do right? I know a lot of those thoughts are illogical, but that doesn't keep them from coming. This is just the beginning, and it isn't going to be easy.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Adam, who just turned two last month, is speaking in complete sentences. He has been cracking me up today. He is trying to say "I" but it usually comes out "my" (as in "MY hold it. MY want something to eat. MY go outside?" or when he doesn't want something, "No, MY don't"

And he found this card on Wes's nightstand. It is from Valentine's Day two years ago. I made Adam's little footprints into the shape of a heart. Adam brought it to me asking about it. I was trying to explain that those were his footprints, but since they are RED footprints, he is convinced they are Elmo's!!

We also got to visit friends in Rosenberg on our trip to TX. I am disappointed that I didn't get more pictures, but it was great.

Janie worked so hard to catch up with us and hold this baby!
Our special friends, John & Bobbie

Adam & his girl, Remi. (and yes, we are okay with arranged marriages!)

I really wish I had more photos of people we love as they loved on our boys.

Adam felt right at home at Troy & Amy's house. (Since we've been home, he keeps asking, "Where's Addy?") My favorite part of our visit was a late night conversation after church Sunday night. Troy pointed out how the big concern with raising special needs kids seems to be helping them become "productive members of society." He went on to say that Levi was passed from one person to another all around that church building & he brought joy to so many faces. Troy thought that making people happy is a pretty productive thing to do in our society, and I'd have to agree.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Our trip to Texas last week was such a special time.

There were priceless moments with grandparents.

Dinner at my favorite local restaurant with all of my favorite local people. :)
(Adam & Levi with their cousins, Kamron & KayLee)

The sunset is even better than the food! This is the ONLY time of day to eat here!

Lots of new experiences for this little guy.
(Levi & Aunt Rachel)

And a sad, sad goodbye.

This was the night before we left my parents. Adam had already gone to bed. KayLee did not want to say goodbye to Levi.

I don't think Uncle Ben wanted to say goodbye either. He was captivated by his little nephew.

More pics from the rest of our trip coming soon.