Thursday, September 16, 2010

So at 10:30pm, I arrive at my hotel last night, VERY anxious to use my breast pump after a long day of travel. I soon realize that I am missing a vital part of the pump! I left two of these teeny tiny pieces of plastic on the kitchen counter top after sanitizing them the other day. They are about the size of my fingertip. The pump doesn't work without them!

I immediately started to think about the possibilities of not being able to pump for the 2 1/2 days I will be gone. I wondered what I would do if my milk supply got so low that I couldn't nurse Levi anymore. Obviously, no stores that would carry this part are going to be open at 10:30 at night. Wes had a good idea, & I called the local hospital (I thought maybe I could rent a pump for a couple days)...I only got a number to a place that opened at 9am the next day.

Finally I bit the bullet and called the principal who invited me to train his teachers. Thankfully, I've been here 3 times before and know everyone pretty well! I told him I needed the number of a mother with small children & explained my predicament. He said, "You are a character!" and called his assistant principal. (He told me this morning that he had dozed off watching TV and thought he was dreaming when I called) After many phone calls back and forth, she showed up at my hotel a little after 11pm with the parts I needed. She climbed up into her attic, found her breast pump from 6 years ago and had these extra pieces, still in the plastic packaging!!

The funniest part of the whole ordeal was this text message from the principal... "You have obviously learned our school's theme to 'Never Give Up, Never Quit, & Never Settle!'"

The interesting thing to me is that I never got worked up over it. I kept thinking in my mind, "There will be a solution to this." I didn't feel my heart race and never panicked. And this is something that could have had a really terrible outcome! I used to get really anxious, even about running late. Over the past few months, I have learned that (with God's help) I can handle things I didn't know I could handle. I like this new quality that Levi has brought to me.


Leah said...

That is a crazy story with a great ending! :)Sometimes it amazes me how things work out, but I know that God is taking care of us!

Sharon said...

you are amazing! glad things worked out