Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I am so excited about the Buddy Walk that I think I could explode if I let myself think on it too long. I got out of bed to blog about it b/c even after this long, crazy, busy day, I can't fall asleep. Our T-shirts came in today & they are SO stylin'. I absolutely love them and would wear mine tomorrow if I wouldn't have to wash it again for Saturday!

I am amazed at how many people are pulling together for this little boy and his extra chromosome. I wondered if we should even sign up for this year's Buddy Walk, thinking that we wouldn't be able to contribute much so early on. When we signed up I was still getting a grip on this new world of mine. Now I wanna scream, "Go big or go home! Bring it on! Buddy Walk, here we come!" It all parallels the way I have progressed in my feelings about raising Levi. I went from feeling insecure and worried about the opinions of others to feeling like I can rock this thing out. I am ready to take on and beat those challenges that will come our way. My fists are up. My gloves are on, and I am ready to push through the tough stuff and work for this kid. And I know I can do it. I have an awesome man on my side which is a big deal to me, and a key element in being able to feel like I do. Love ya, hubby!


C-Tay said...

Man, if only all parents had that attitude - kid with a disability or not - how much more successful would our children be!!

Leah said...


amybalbers said...

And, you have an amazing GOD who loves Levi even more than you do. You can't lose!