Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Adam & I enjoyed some one-on-one time blowing bubbles during one of Levi's naps today.

I love that expression he made after blowing a bubble, like, "Whoa! I really can do this!"

I love being outside, and I love our yard. Here are a few views that always catch my eye.

Almost done painting!!

So the other day, while visiting with Dusty's mom, I felt strange talking about DS with him sitting right there. She asked what the doctors saw that made them suspect Levi had DS. When I mentioned his short, thick neck, she asked if Dusty had that & had him turn around. I felt terrible looking & saying yes & wondered how that made him feel. Later, when he left the room, I asked her how that made him feel. She said, "He didn't even know he was different until he was ready to get a driver's license and go to college." She told him that some people just weren't meant for college (and included herself in that statement...she is an artist...a very talented decorative painter...She even has had her work on display in the White House). He was so persistent that she finally let him take his driver's test and apply to college. He reads on about a second grade level, so I don't have to tell you the outcome.

ANYWHOO...All of that leads me to this...A few weeks ago I was feeling sorry for Levi. Sorry for the times he wouldn't fit in. Sorry for people passing judgment on him. Sorry for how he would feel about not being able to do some of the things others can. But last weekend made me realize that maybe I should be sorry for everybody else. I think it is great that Dusty is so happy and proud of his accomplishments. The situations others probably pity about him don't even phase him, and he is happy. So many other people run around all of their lives trying to prove themselves to the rest of the world and totally miss the joy in life.

That extra chromosome might just be a happiness chromosome, and I am glad Levi has it.

Here's a quote I read today..."Please don't ignore us, or look the other way when we approach you. Doing that to us will not make us or our disability go away.
We didn't have a choice about our disability, but you definitely have
a choice in how you accept us!"


Leah said...

Great pics and great thoughts! Thanks for coming over today... It was so nice spending time with you and your boys! Have a perfect Friday! Hugs! :)

Carolyn said...

definitely a happy chromosome from what I have seen! I love it