Thursday, August 5, 2010

Recipe for a rough day at our house...a grumpy toddler, a hungry & gassy baby, a tired mama, and a daddy who put in over 14 hours at work (open house). Now the sun is down. The only light on in the house is a bedside lamp, and it is very, very quiet. I love the quiet at night that makes everything all better. I love "recharging" at the end of the day...getting the last few stray toys put in their proper place, starting the dishwasher so everything is clean in the morning, and winding down before Levi's last feeding and some long awaited shut-eye.

I keep thinking about something that I better just write about so I can put it to rest in my mind.

Last Saturday, a temp who worked the sales table at my seminar told me about his daughter, who had Rhett Syndrome. She passed away at age 15, about 6 years ago. He was very kind and open. I enjoyed our conversations throughout the day, but he said something that really burned me up..."I am just warning you that 85% of couples with special needs kids get divorced." As he went on, I realized he was only trying to tell me that I need to make time for my hubby and not get overly wrapped up in Levi's needs. He & his wife divorced, and it seemed like he felt very neglected after the daughter was born. Still, I was thinking, "Dude, if you knew anyone who has met us, you'd realize that you don't need to have this conversation with me because it isn't an issue." It just really bugged me. His intentions were good, and whether a child has special needs or not, parents need to remember to make time for each other.

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