Friday, August 6, 2010

I've been thinking today that I didn't explain what bugged me so much about that man's comment about the high divorce rate for people with special needs kids. I am tired of the statistics. That's what it is. We are the 1 in 800 people with a child that has Down Syndrome. He is in the 50% that (thank you, Lord) don't have heart defects. One in 95 children with Down Syndrome get leukemia. Half have hearing and vision problems. He is at a higher risk for obesity, thyroid problems, & respiratory problems. He is likely to have a weak immune system, which puts him at risk for all kinds of things. And as if these children don't already have enough against them, their parents are more likely to divorce, too? I am just tired of all the "increased likelihoods" I hear about. That's all.

Here are my sweeties ready for nite-nite...

This caught my eye yesterday after Adam & I came in from playing outside...(Sigh)