Sunday, August 29, 2010

I worked in Springfield, MO Saturday. Did you know I was born there? I left early in the day on Friday, which allowed time for a very special day. A day so special, I was giddy as I got into my rental car and set off for all I had planned.

First, lunch at Ruby Tuesday's with a cousin that I hadn't seen in 15 years! I could have sat at that table all day with her talking, listening, and sipping on iced tea. Now that we are in touch again, I am certain that we will continue our ongoing conversation of catching up and enjoying one another. She has been a real support and encouragement to me these last few months.

Next stop, to visit some dear friends of the family. It would take too long to share all the reasons they are so extraordinary. One child toughing it through multiple heart surgeries, another with Down Syndrome, an older sister that survived a terrible, terrible car accident, a house that burned to the ground, these are just a few adversities they have been through while continuing to be beautiful people that are a joy to be around. We moved away from Springfield when I was three years old, but visited this family a few times every year when we went to see my grandmother and the rest of our family there. My brother & I were always so excited to see them b/c we had such a blast at their house hanging out with the two youngest siblings, Matt & Dusty. They were so much fun. They fit the true definition of rough and tumble boys. One of my favorite memories is when Dusty, the lovable little guy with Down syndrome, didn't want us to go home. He locked himself in our car and was so pleased with himself! I think it took an hour before we finally convinced him to unlock the doors.

Dusty is now 30 years old. He has a job and is a very active guy with a lot to contribute to those around him. It was a pleasure to be reintroduced to someone I have such fond memories of. I was so pleased that his brother stopped by while I was there, too!

Favorite moment of the day...when "Dust" saw me standing in the kitchen talking with his mom and dove to the floor beside the island in the kitchen to hide from me.

After a few hours with them, I went to see my aunt and uncle, then went back to the hotel to set up for Saturday. I got a good night's sleep and had a fantastic Saturday. Oh, yeh, remember the older sister I mentioned earlier? Her best friend was at the seminar! Crazy!

I love my job for many reasons. Weekends like this is one of them. I had such a nice time, I am almost able to forget that I didn't get back into my own car until midnight, couldn't keep awake enough to drive the 2 hours home (so I spent the night in a crummy hotel) and drove home this morning just in time to have breakfast and get ready for church!

I love how these brothers pat one another on the back, put an arm on the other's shoulder, or hug every few minutes.

Love the expressions the twins had in this pic. They remind me of what their daddy was like at that age..

my cousin & her daughter (who, by the way, showed me her high school year book's senior superlatives page. Her classmate with DS was given the title "Best All-Around Person." How cool is that?)

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