Sunday, August 8, 2010

I have two batteries for my camera & try to always have one fully charged. Of course today was the only time I can ever remember that both of those batteries were dead at the same time. And of course the boys were dressed in matching outfits. And of course they both looked as sweet as could be sitting by each other in the recliner as I finished getting the diaper bag packed for church. And of course I forgot all about taking their picture later in the day when the batteries were charged. Oh well.

Big strides for both boys today. Adam "read" Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss tonight! He knew most of the words on each page he turned to. Sooooooo cool! Yes, I know he is looking at the pictures for clues and has it memorized, but that's what emergent reaing is all about!!

And as I baby talked to Levi tonight, he made serious eye contact and was really listening to me! I've been waiting for that moment to arrive. He's getting a pretty good grip, too.

Have I ever mentioned that I love being a mama?

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Leah said...

Way to go, Adam and Levi! :)