Sunday, July 25, 2010

These song lyrics can to mind after taking this picture of Levi...

The color of the pure in soul
Like water shall fill the cloudless sky

Try to feel the splendor of it all
Embrace the honesty of nightfall
Try to feel the anguish of it all
Wrap yourself up
In every facet of emotion

Can you feel love
Can you feel joy
Can you feel pain
Got a feeling they're on their way
(lyrics to "Siren Song" by Erasure)

Ever watch a dramatic movie and love it even though it made you cry so hard? After watching Titanic, almost every woman in the restroom was bawling her eyes out while talking about what a GOOD movie it was. The sadness wasn't good. We liked it because of the DEPTH of emotion it made us feel. I have always loved "Siren Song" because it addresses the idea of wrapping yourself up in emotion and embracing it, good or bad.

I think Levi is going to bring a whole new depth of emotion to my life. I am sure there will be tough times, but the highs will be higher, and each and every one of his milestones will be cause for celebration.

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