Monday, July 26, 2010

That's My Boy!

The OT (occupational therapist) came today and was so impressed with Levi's strength! She would just giggle and say, "He's so strong!" She gave me a brush to use on his mouth and tongue before each feeding to "wake up his mouth." It should help strengthen his oral muscles. I was glad she had me do it while she was there so she could watch because I wasn't using enough pressure at first, and it irritated him. I am sure it tickled. After I started pressing down a little harder, he was much happier and actually fell asleep!

Abagail came and spent the day with us. The boys both love her, and I have a hunch the feeling's mutual.

Adam has decided to add a microphone to his performance equipment. He uses a toilet paper stand. I used to have him put it back each time I saw him with it, but I was afraid we'd find it missing one time when it was needed, so I just cleaned it up and let him have it. We made other arrangements for our toilet paper.


Anonymous said...

Aunt Tammi is so amused she almost fell off her chair. Hilarious!...other arrangements for the toliet funny...

Leah said...

I'm happy to hear Levi is doing so well! I just love Adam's microphone, too! ;)