Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Levi William...Meet Miles William, your BFF

We had a special visit today. I recently made a new friend through DSACK. We talk, email and text several times a week. It was so cool to finally get to meet. Miles is 6 weeks old and is even more adorable in person. His mama and I enjoy each other so much that these boys are gonna be friends whether they like it or not! Ha ha ha!

Even though neither child was cooperating in this picture, I love it! Miles is like, "Stop the crying, dude! Just chill with me."


Leah said...

Love these photos! :) I'm glad Levi has a BFF already! ;)

Anonymous said...

I had a blast! I'm happy to have made such a great friend despite the fact that I don't like people :) Miles and I are very lucky to have found you and Levi.
Keli H

michelle said...

OH MY GOODNESS. Those are the most precious pictures I have seen in a long,long time! Wow. I think I like the close up of them sleeping the best. Wow. You gotta enter that in a contest somewhere. I think that would be precious for DSACK to use in the medical presentation: Look, silly doctors, nothing to be scared of!! Just 2 beautiful,perfect,loved little boys.