Sunday, July 11, 2010

I took Levi to be weighed on Wednesday...8 pounds! Hooray! He is really filling out has even moved up a diaper size! We haven't given him any formula supplements in about 2 weeks. He is taking a bottle once a week to prepare him for the days I am out of town for work, and he is nursing beautifully (with no extra apparatus anymore)! Three cheers for Levi!

I remember being in the hospital struggling with nursing and having to pump and supplement after every feeding. The lactation consultant once told me that all the nurses were in the hallway saying that I needed to be giving Levi formula. I thought, "We'll show YOU!" It was a long, tiring process, but I am so glad he is nursing well now. I never even really thought about giving up. I knew he'd get there. It actually took Adam even longer to get the hang of it, probably since he was born so early.

The info given to me at the hospital about nursing a baby with Down Syndrome said that Levi would be more likely to be a "lazy" nurser because of low muscle tone and that he probably wouldn't naturally wake up and let me know when it was time for him to eat, but he cries to eat about every 3 hours. At night, he eats at 11 or 11:30 and although I set my alarm for 5am so he doesn't go too long without eating, he usually wakes up about 15 minutes before the alarm goes off.

Here's another impressive act. This is where Levi is when I lay him to bed at night...

And THIS is where he is in the morning!

He didn't get the memo that he's supposed to have low muscle tone!

I know he'll struggle in other areas and have his own difficulties to overcome, but it is a thrill seeing his strengths emerge already, so I had to brag. That's what proud mamas do, ya know!


Leah said...

Way to go, Levi! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, he moves a lot considering he's all swaddled up!!