Thursday, June 24, 2010

My main goal today was to make progress on a project for work, and since Connie is here to help out, I was also able to take Adam swimming for a few minutes. What's even better than having a pool?...Having friends that have pools! (Thanks, Brooke!) Of course it started to thunder just when he was getting comfortable in the water, but we still had a good time together.

Levi is 4 weeks old today. That is hard to believe. I find myself hanging on to him and snuggling more than I did with Adam. I was very determined to make sure Adam slept in his own bed, and I was a spaz about not letting him fall asleep while being held or even when he was in his swing b/c I didn't want to have to rock him to sleep or have him sleep in our bed with us. It paid off b/c Adam is so easy to deal with at bedtime and naptime now. It is just funny that I am not that way at all with Levi. I am all too aware that he will grow so fast and be a big boy in no time. I want to soak in every moment of babyhood before it is gone. Of course, now I am listening to him cry through the baby monitor b/c no one is holding him. (Yes, I stopped typing to go check on him :) He is starting to wind down now. Hopefully he will be asleep soon so I can get some rest, too.

The past month sure has flown by, and I think Levi is already starting to change our world for the better. He has already brought us closer to friends and family. We appreciate so much the visits from friends and the help so many people have given us. Just having someone to play with Adam, take him to the library, or get him breakfast so I can rest makes a huge difference in my day and gives me some time to think. Without support like that, I would be so overwhelmed and exhausted right now.

I stretched out Levi's night time feedings last night. He has gained plenty of weight, and the doctor said once he started gaining, he'd be able to hold his own and would be fine. I didn't let him go more than 4 and a half hours between feedings since it was the first night. He also took a bottle for the first time today. I'm sure that sounds surprising from someone so determined to breastfeed, but he needs to be able to take a bottle when I travel to do seminars, and I will be speaking in Lexington in 3 weeks. I am glad my first trip won't be far from home, but he will still have to take several bottles while I'm gone. We gave Adam one bottle every week to get him used to it and to make sure he could transition back and forth. He did great. Hopefully Levi will do the same. Connie said he took the bottle like he did that all the time, and he nursed well at all of his feedings. I am still frustrated that I can't throw that shield out the window, but he does go without it some every day.

I need to stop writing and get some sleep! I will post more tomorrow! By the way, Levi is sleeping quietly now.

Tomorrow is our big day. At 2 o'clock First Steps will be here to evaluate Levi and get us started in the world of therapies.

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