Sunday, June 6, 2010

Levi had another good night, and I am feeling pretty good today. I even plan to go to worship tonight. Adam & Wes went this morning. A friend will pick us up, and Adam & I will go tonight while Daddy & Baby Levi stay at home together.

Levi hasn't been nursing well at his late morning and early afternoon feedings, but he does great the other times. I think he is just sleepy that time of day, but I do everything I can think of to wake him...even torturing him by wiping his back with a cold wet wipe. It took an hour, but I got him to nurse for a total of 25 minutes. I changed his diaper to help wake him up today and told him, "Now don't you poop. Mama just put a clean diaper on you." (He is already notorious for going through 2 or 3 diapers at a time b/c he likes to go as soon as you get a clean diaper on him.) So, he obeyed & didn't poop, instead he immediately peed big time. The puddle underneath him was as big as his body! Hilarious!

Wes said people at church were asking if the baby is okay. He just says, "Yes" with a smile. I said, "Well, you may want to clarify." People knew about the chromosome test & I'm sure that is what they were asking about. Wes just smiled and said he didn't need to say anything more because "He IS okay." I love that man!

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