Monday, June 7, 2010

Levi didn't have to get a blood test today for jaundice b/c he was doing so much better that the doctor could literally see it in his more yellow in the whites of his eyes. The bad news is that he only gained one ounce since our last appt. I now have to give him the high calorie formula through a syringe for 2 feedings each day. We are using the syringe to make sure Levi will still nurse. It is easier to drink from a bottle, and a lot of babies don't go back to nursing after taking a bottle at such a young age. I've read online that many babies with Down Syndrome are "lazy nursers" anyway, so I don't want to take the chance, and the doctor seems to agree. We see the doctor again on Friday to see if Levi gains any more weight. The doctor said he is just burning all the calories he takes in while nursing, which makes this mama sad, but we will get there. Once he starts gaining some weight, everything should be fine & we won't have to do all these crazy feedings. I will be so happy to get there and be able to provide him with what he needs just by nursing him.

I asked how long before we should take Levi out and about & when we could bring him to church. Two months was the answer. A little longer than what I'd hoped to hear, but good advice that is worth taking for sure.

The back yard is full of fireflies softly floating all around. I love summer nights and look forward to many fun times with my boys out in that yard.

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