Saturday, June 19, 2010

I took Levi for a walk tonight and enjoyed it so much. Adam had already gone to bed & Wes laid down early b/c of a headache. I put Levi in the Moby wrap & put the dog on her leash. We walked about 30 minutes. I loved having that little boy so close to me as I walked through the neighborhood watching the sun go down. All through the day, I wonder what he will be like as he grows. I am certain he will bring lots of laughter and fun our way.

Can anyone tell me the secret to being able to post comments? I have had a few people unable to post and wondered if there is something I need to tell them to do differently. Let me know...and thanks so much for taking time to read the blog. It means a lot to me!

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Wool Winder said...

Go to Blogger Dashboard and check your settings. Click on "Comments" and see what you have selected for "Who Can Comment." You probably have picked one of the restricted settings. Change it to "Anyone" and any of your readers will easily be able to comment. The restricted settings should work too, however, your reader will have to register or open a Google account depending on what you have selected. I think they should automatically be prompted to do this when they try to leave a comment, but I'm not sure. If you want to leave your settings as they are, ask them what message they get when they try to comment so you can guide them in what to do. It may be that they don't understand they have to register or open an account to comment. I hope this helps.