Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy first day of summer. Levi & I just got back from our nightly walk. I guess can make it sound like it is routine for us, since we've gone 3 nights in a row.

Little man has been eating pretty well lately and hasn't even had to use the shield for a few nursing sessions, which is great progress. I am reluctantly letting him use a pacifier. He really seems to need one right now. I did some reading and found that it uses muscles other than what are already used for nursing, so it can actually be good for him. He has nursed well since using it, and I consulted with a friend who is a speech pathologist who agreed that it could be a good thing if used on a short term basis. Adam never wanted one and could never keep one in, which was fine with me b/c I am just not that big on pacis.

Adam has been a hoot lately. When I was changing his diaper before his nap, I was telling him it was time for him to lay down, & he closed his eyes and went, "Konk-shoo...konk-shoo" like he was snoring! We ran to Lexington today to get a few items returned, and he held Levi's hand most of the time we where in the car. Meredith & Bri came along since I can't have Levi exposed to public places yet. Mer would sit in the car with Levi listening to a favorite CD while the rest of us went into the stores. They are such sweet, helpful girls, and I love being around them. They are so good with Adam, too.

Wes has been super-helpful with the boys and around the house. I have been better about asking for help, which is what the problem usually is. He is always happy to help. I just forget to ask and try to do everything myself b/c I'd like to do everything myself if I could. It is a matter of facing the fact that I CAN'T do it all that changes things and takes a load off of my shoulders.

I forgot to follow up on my progress with First Steps (the state program that will provide therapies for Levi). The woman that called back was super nice. She took my information and had someone call me to set up a home visit. They will be here Friday. I am so happy to get started early for his sake. I am just afraid it will be emotional for me. I have been doing great but don't think it will feel good opening that door. So far I've been able to enjoy his beauty and sweetness without confronting the challenges.

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michelle said...

You know, I forgot how hard reading that 1st evaluation was until you just reminded me of those early days! You will forget, too. My prayer is that eventually you will look forward to awesome therapists who celebrate with you everything that Levi CAN do!! Our therapists were a huge source of healing and support for me. God will send the right people for your family.