Sunday, May 30, 2010

Home Again, Home Again

What a wonderful feeling to be home! We got in around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. Connie, Randy & Adam were waiting outside for us when we pulled up. Brooke decorated with signs, balloons & sidewalk chalk, and Meredith stopped by (bearing many gifts) soon after we arrived. Adam adores his baby brother. He was crawling into the car to see him before we could even get Levi out! He just kept smiling, kissing him, and putting his cheek next to his baby brother's. So sweet. When Adam first saw Levi this morning, he was the same way.

We had a doctor's appt. this morning to get Levi's bilirubin checked. It was a little higher (maybe 12 or 13- can't remember) but not high enough to do anything about. The whites of his eyes are yellow, but you can't see any signs of jaundice on his skin. We have to go back in the morning for another heel prick to check it out. If it gets too high, we'll have to bring a light home to put on him.

The doctor said Levi's heart sounds good & he doesn't even have a murmur. We heard the same thing in the hospital yesterday before we left, but it was good to hear that again. About 50% of kids with Downs have heart problems, and we am very concerned about that possibility.

Levi's body temp in the hospital was low several times & we'd just have to bundle him up or hold him skin to skin to raise it. I've been checking since we've been home every so often & it was good until just a few hours ago. It was even lower than when we were in the hospital. We have been on the phone with a nurse from the pediatrician's office and just now got it back up to 97.8, which is great. This is something that should just improve itself over time as he gains weight & is able to regulate his own body temperature. I am so thankful for a doctor's office with on-call nurses to answer questions any time of day and to have office hours on weekends and holidays. Tomorrow is Memorial Day & we have an appt and went in today, on a Sunday!

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Lorie Jones said...

Praise God for his healthy heart. We are praying for you. I am so thankful that Levi has you two to love him and nurture him for his whole life.