Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The doctor stripped my membrane yesterday afternoon, which usually starts labor within 12-24 hours. I was almost 5 cm. They let me come home b/c the procedure doesn't come with a guarantee. We stayed close to the hospital for awhile b/c I was having contractions 10 min. apart soon after we left, but they fizzled out. They just kept coming and going all through the night. I'd have an hour of contractions 10 min. apart then nothing for 30 minutes, but they weren't real strong...just strong enough to keep me from getting any sleep! This morning they were stronger and got regular a few times but just not enough to go to the hospital. Now our 24 hour window is hear, and I've only had about 3 contractions in the last hour and a half. I guess Levi is going to keep us guessing. comes another contraction...he must have sensed I was talking about him.

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