Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 2

Levi had his hospital baby pictures taken today. You can view them at You can log in by using our customer number: 10381299111087.For the password, you put in the customer number again. They turned out really cute. His eyes look red b/c he had to have some ointment in them. His eyes had been getting goopy so they ran a culture but we won't hear back for a couple days. Hopefully it isn't an infection. Adam's tear duct was blocked when he was a baby, and it cleared up quickly thru massage and drops.

Levi is really working to nurse, and we've made progress today. For these first few weeks, I have to make sure my milk supply is up, so I let him nurse, then pump, then give him whatever I pump thru a syringe. He is likely to be weak when it comes to nursing, but nursing is supposed to be really helpful for the development of his mouth muscles. I hope and pray that we will be successful, and that he will be able to nurse well. I will do all I can to make it work.

This morning he was circumcised, had his blood drawn for his chromosome test, and was seen by the pediatrician all about the same time. We kept waiting and waiting and it got so far past his feeding time that I was in tears. The lactation nurse stopped by to visit, asked what was wrong, and went running to get him for us.

I was really weepy most of the day. Was thankful to get a visit from the Coopers tonight. Last night the Fraleighs came to visit for awhile. I am ready to get home, get a game plan going, and start this adventure with our newest addition. I know he will be a lot of fun and will make our lives full. The unknown is scary, and I just pray that he will have minimal health issues. Heart problems and susceptibility to infection are very common with his condition.

I have worked so hard to learn and know what to give Adam each step of the way in his development. I was just starting to feel like I am figuring things out, and he is becoming such a smart, obedient, and polite little boy. I am overwhelmed with the thought of starting all over trying to figure out how to work with Levi. I am already tired just thinking about all the books, websites, and other resources I know I will be delving into soon. There is so much to learn.

Speaking of tired, I've got to rest! Time is flying by! Feeding time will be here soon!!

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