Thursday, February 4, 2010

I am doing a 2 day co-teaching inservice for a school district in Charlotte, NC. The ESL director that hired me is pregnant with triplets! She said, "Just think of how many heads we have between us." We were tempted to get a table for six at lunch today!

We went to a Thai restaurant for lunch. I hadn't been to one before and had the feeling I wouldn't like curry much, so I ordered something marinated in soy sauce. It smelled like wet dog & didn't taste too great, so I figured that's were the hot sauce came in. It wasn't a curry sauce but a red spicy hot transformed the food, and I loved it. The baby didn't seem to mind either. While pregnant with Adam I didn't even want Mexican food (which I normally love) and wasn't interested in anything spicy. This time I crave hot sauce! Weird.

I got a great night of sleep and didn't have to start until 9:30 today, which was a treat. I look forward to another great day. Same seminar with different teams of teachers. I sure miss my boys back at home, but I'm glad I have my youngest in my tummy so I can take him with me everywhere I go!

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