Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wes, Adam & I got home from Columbus, OH tonight around 7pm. I did a child care seminar for about 400 teachers there. I love going to Columbus because there are a lot of "regulars" that come to all of our seminars. It is fun seeing the familiar faces & everyone is excited to say hello again.

It never really feels like work when Wes & Adam get to come along. I was glad to have them with me. Adam loves running around in the ballrooms & was quite the helper today. He loves to carry things and was even putting things in the trash can for me. It amazes me how much he understands.

So, now that everyone knows we're having a boy, the next big question is, "What are you going to name him?" We have decided on Levi William. I just love the sound of it, and I think the names Adam & Levi sound good together. I am planning on painting a canvas with his name of it to go above his crib. I don't see any reason to spend the money to redo the nursery since we have everything he will need, so I am going to keep it blue and brown, but I do want to make something special that is just for Levi.

We got the bunk beds up in what will become Adam's new bedroom (formerly the guest room). I suppose our guests will have to sleep on the top bunk now! We are using the bunk beds Wes & his brother used when they were growing up. I am doing a Dr. Suess theme in that room. We went to Pottery Barn Kids while we were in Columbus, and I got the quilt I've been wanting for Adam. The best part was that it was about $60 off the original price and even less than what I could find online!

I've been feeling pretty crummy the past few days with a head cold. Not sleeping well at the hotel and getting up at 5:30 this morning didn't help. Thankfully one of the teachers in the audience today gave me a handful of cough drops. I don't think I'd have made it otherwise. Talking for about 5 hours doesn't do much for a sore throat! Anyway, I am going night night now!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I've been sleeping so good lately and am so grateful! The baby moves more and more every day. I've been walking at the high school gym with friends in the mornings. We've had so much snow and school cancellations that we haven't been able to go as often as I'd like. I am right at 20 lbs. gained & have been eating like a mad-woman. I can't believe I haven't gained more, but I am not complaining.

I was feeling bad for not blogging more, but decided that it is a good thing b/c most of the entries for my pregnancy with Adam were b/c of health issues and complications. A dull blog is a good one when it comes to pregnancy!

My Valentine's Day gift from Wes is that he is going to do whatever I want him to do around the house today. He got up with Adam & let the dog out so I could sleep in. Of course I am wide-awake, but I am enjoying some "me" time & am hiding out in our bedroom for a little while. :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tonight the baby was kicking stronger than ever. I could actually SEE the kicks, not just feel them. I was super tired today. I'm going to bed early in hopes of getting an early start tomorrow. Maybe starting the day with a clean house will boost my spirits and give me a little more energy.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I am doing a 2 day co-teaching inservice for a school district in Charlotte, NC. The ESL director that hired me is pregnant with triplets! She said, "Just think of how many heads we have between us." We were tempted to get a table for six at lunch today!

We went to a Thai restaurant for lunch. I hadn't been to one before and had the feeling I wouldn't like curry much, so I ordered something marinated in soy sauce. It smelled like wet dog & didn't taste too great, so I figured that's were the hot sauce came in. It wasn't a curry sauce but a red spicy hot transformed the food, and I loved it. The baby didn't seem to mind either. While pregnant with Adam I didn't even want Mexican food (which I normally love) and wasn't interested in anything spicy. This time I crave hot sauce! Weird.

I got a great night of sleep and didn't have to start until 9:30 today, which was a treat. I look forward to another great day. Same seminar with different teams of teachers. I sure miss my boys back at home, but I'm glad I have my youngest in my tummy so I can take him with me everywhere I go!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I don't know if this is blog-worthy or not. Just wanted to say that I am absolutely exhausted and no amount of rest does anything to help. I guess that is what pregnancy can be like sometimes. I guess that is what the next 18+ years will be like, actually!! I do remember being this way with Adam. The only difference is that I wasn't spending every day with a 16 mo. old at the time! Both of these little guys are totally worth it. I encourage myself by thinking about them being grown and coming home for holidays with hugs for their mama. Not sure why, but that makes me extra happy!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Drumroll Please...

IT'S A BOY!!!!! No doubt about it! We got a good view of his face and tiny little feet, too! He was moving so much, the woman doing the ultrasound asked if I'd been drinking caffeine!!

While looking at the screen with Wes, Adam kept saying, "Baby? Baby?" I am glad these two will have each other to play with. I keep thinking of all the trouble they'll get into together!

I've gained 8 lbs. since my last appt., but I guess I can blame it on the holidays. At least my placenta is where it is supposed to be this time, and everything else looked great, too!