Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wes & I stayed up putting Adam's new tricycle together. I found it on clearance for $21 at Wal-Mart today. It has a handle on the back so you can push it like a stroller, but that comes off when he's able to ride by himself. You can also swing the handle underneath so it will rock like a rocking horse. I think he will really enjoy it, and of course it will be passed down to the little one that is moving around inside of me right now!

I'm so glad I started this blog. Now I have something to keep me busy when I can't sleep at night! I am thankful for several good nights of deep sleep in a row, but here I am again in the recliner after midnight!

I got a lot of rest yesterday. Had a nice long nap & got to bed early, but still felt tired all day today. I am totally wiped out but cannot fall asleep. I have felt really queasy most of the day & just feel "off." I walked for an hour with Sarah (whoo hoo!) & got a lot of work done while Adam napped today. I don't know if I was just over-ambitious or what.

I am working in Indianapolis this Sat. (Adam & his "Grams" are joining me :) I stayed up packing tonight b/c if the weather is bad, we'll drive to Maysville (where "Grams" lives) tomorrow (well, actually now it's today...Thurs.) so we'll be north of the snow that is expected here and can drive to Indy on Friday with no problems. Of course after I got all packed, the forecast changed and there may not be anything until Friday night. I guess I'd rather have that happen than NOT be packed & have snow hit us early!

Well, at least my back no longer hurts now that I'm in the recliner. Now if I can just stave off this craving for sweets...

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Wool Winder said...

That's a neat tricycle! Someone put a lot of thought into that design.