Monday, January 25, 2010

Unlike my last pregnancy, I've had some self-control when it comes to eating this time around. I've only gained 10 lbs. so far, but after Sunday night's potluck dinner and dinner tonight at Taco Bell, it's not looking so good.

I did exercise today. The high school has a walking area around the second level of the gym. My friend, Sarah & I met there and pushed our little guys in their strollers while we took a 45 minute walk. Our plans are to meet up there again tomorrow. I am hoping the weather doesn't stop us. Looks like more snow is heading our way.

I was glancing at some of the books I read just before Adam was born (The Baby Whisperer, etc.) and found a hilarious note that I wrote to myself. It started out, "Sleep Deprived..." It looked like I was writing to help myself decide what to do to help Adam get on a schedule. The handwriting was so messy and shaky. It just cracks me up. Why would I even write that down? I must've been in pretty bad shape! I guess I better laugh it up while I can because it won't be long before I'll be there again!

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jamied_jamiedd said...

Hey girl, it's awesome that we are here again, thanks for sharing all of your wonderful experiences with us. I was making a note to self how awesome you look, the low weight gain and just your beautiful face!! I'm looking
forward to spending some time with you soon--I would love to go shopping and pick you out a new outfit--I think you deserve it!!! Just let me know when.