Friday, September 12, 2014

Levi's Best Buddy

Adam's soccer coach called at the beginning of the season to introduce himself and give a little information, but he started out by saying that Levi & his son, Caleb, were in the same preschool class last year (and are together again this year, too). He told me that Caleb doesn't talk much & is in speech therapy but came home every day last year and said, "Wevi is my best buddy." 
The other day, I dropped Levi off at preschool after his morning therapy sessions, and he did not want to go. I walked him to the classroom and out their door that goes to the playground. Caleb ran right up to us. Levi let the teacher hold him but didn't want to get down & play. I went in the room and left the door open enough to watch so I could see how Levi was doing. A few seconds later, I saw him run off to play. Right away, Caleb looked through the cracked door & gave me a thumbs up so I knew Levi was okay. How sweet is that?!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Thrift Store Style

I love picking through items at thrift stores and putting together inexpensive yet up-to-date outfits. I enjoy pinning outfits on Pinterest for inspiration, then getting similar pieces for a few dollars each.

But before showing some photos of some of my latest finds, I have to admit that I've been putting this off due to my 40 lb. weight gain that I am fighting. I have lost a few pounds since these were taken but have a long way to go. After Levi was born, I dropped the 40 pounds I gained with in a year. Now it is all back on & I don't have a pregnancy to blame it on, just bad choices. I am running regularly but eating too much for it to make any difference in my weight. I am working to juice at least once a day & am adding more organic veggies to my day. I am hoping now that school has started & we are beginning to have more of a routine around here that I can step it up and see results soon.

Thanks to my friend Megan Tibbs for a fun photo shoot! Here is a top I recently got for $2. 50. I love the details around the collar & sleeves.
With something that is decorative around the collar, I like to wear a simple necklace that doesn't compete with the shirt. This is one of my favorite necklaces with a charm to represent Adam, Levi, and Wes.
This white shirt is another $2. 50 buy. Notice I wore a much bolder necklace this time.
I love the ruffles on this top & how they add interest in a subtle way.
I have wanted one of these Miche bags with the magnetic, interchangeable covers for a long time, but they are not cheap.
Thanks to ebay & a little bit of patience, I now have a base purse and a few covers that I got for $5-$10 each instead of the $40+ they were to start with.
Of course my favorite new accessories are my Younique makeup products. The 3D Fiber Lash mascara & lip glosses are my most prized items. Click here to see my Younique website & shop around.